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Use this form to post a new note to someone you are looking for. (In a Good Way! 😀)
All fields of information (except 'Last Known Country, Gender, Approx Year Born & Relation') on this form are optional. This means you can leave any field empty (blank) if you like.
Please take your time and make every effort to enter information as completely and as accurately as possible. This is very important. If the information is entered correctly, then when the time comes, our system can retrieve it quickly.
If you don't know an item, then leave it blank. If you leave the 'Last Name' field empty then anyone looking at this information will see 'Unknown' substituted for the last name. Some searches based on approximate year born will bracket (+/-) the year entered below by a default 5 years.
Since it is strictly up to the person you are looking for, to get in touch with you, only post notes to people who you are relatively sure would be interested in getting in touch with you. This DOES NOT WORK for skip tracing, credit collection agencies or trying to find dead beats. If they don't want to respond to the note, they don't call you.
Here are some examples of how you might create notes, based on different circumstances and situations.
There are 5 parts to the below form. For maximum results, take your time to carefully complete each part as accurately as possible. After posting, if you do wish to correct the information on the form, you may do so immediately, by going back to your account page and selecting the View/Modify/Delete option at the bottom of your account page.
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Part #1: Choose Your Note's Basic Category

Category *     If you are .. Relationship
Searching for someone from past adoption. (Must be older than 15)
Looking for former employee/applicant for job situation
Not Related
Looking for an old lost friend, army/navy buddy, sweetheart, etc.
Not Related
Looking for information on family tree member. (Born before 1931)
Looking for former member (e.g. High School Reunion, etc.)
Not Related
Looking for lost/missing/estranged/run-away family member
Looking for someone to give them something of value

Part #2: Note's Personal Information

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Part #3: What of your Personal Information Do You Want To Show With This Note?

Place a check mark in the box for each of the following fields that you want to have displayed/included for your contact or personal information to accompany this particular person's note. The system automatically supplies at a minimum your name and country. Any other information is optional and up to you to choose. Your email address remains hidden and private.

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Nick Name: - - None Provided - -
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Birth Date and Gender for Adoption Related Notes
If you are posting an adoption related search note (Part 1 above = Adoption), it is recommended that you check off/show YOUR Date of Birth and Gender. In either case, the Gender and DOB information below will be used, where appropriate, to make a match between this note and our list of 1,827 Adoption related Calling Card Agents.

Part #4: Enter An Optional Message For This Individual.

Part #5: Who Is Permitted TO Contact You?

There are 3 types of people who might respond to this note.

  1. The person you are looking for.
  2. Well meaning people, offering to help find the person for free.
  3. Commercial enterprises, such as private investigator.

In addition to the person you are posting this note to, who else would you be willing to have contact you?

    Only 1 (The person I am looking for!)
    Only 2 (The person I am looking for and Free helpers!)
    Only 2 (The person I am looking for and professional helpers!)
    All (The person I am looking for and anyone else who can help!)

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