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Robert Cutler
Last City, ST/Prov., Ctry.:
Ellenville, New York USA
Birth Date:
Saturday, Feb 28th, 1970 ( 51 years old )
Hair Color:
Special Name:
Cry Baby Crash / Blonde Mamma
Special Place:
We Lived in Lousianna
Special Event:
Mom was shot
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Message: We used to hang out at the look out by the firehouse in scochtown and look for UFO's!
Coreen (Meeuwisse) Johnson
3671 Rt 52
Pine Bush, NY 12566
Note Posted: Wed, Nov 15th, 2000 (20 years ago).
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  Coreen (Meeuwisse) Johnson
  3671 Rt 52
  Pine Bush, NY 12566
Account Uid: REENIE
Account Added: Wed, Nov 15th, 2000
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- Date Posted: Wed, Nov 15th, 2000 / Age: 20 yrs
- Nbr Views # : 10
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