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Who? Me? is a Reverse People Finder website. A site where someone may be trying to find you. Is someone, somewhere, looking for you? Could an old, lost or missing friend be trying to find you? Is a bMother, sibling or bChild, from an adoption in the past, searching for you on the Internet? Is an old army buddy, or high school sweetheart trying to locate where you have moved to these days? Is your alma mater looking for you for a class reunion? If you are at all curious as to who could be looking for you and whether one or more of them may have posted a note to you here on our system, then enter some details on yourself and click 'Basic Search' just below. If you want to do a more complete search of our complete database of more than 24,000 posted notes, you can choose our "Search Wizard" or our "Power Search" forms. Searching is entirely free.
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Someone may be looking for you. Who? Old Friend perhaps! Is your name below?

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So, I looked around and found a brand new (in 1996) emerging technology called 'WebBase(tm)'. WebBase was/is a fully integrated, top down, web scripting and server environment that included database and SMTP connectivity. Consequently, the whole site was build around and continues to run on WebBase(tm). WebBase was/is a 16 bit program written in Smalltalk essentially by one guy, George Barilla (Arizona). It is running on a Windows Server 2008 (32 bit version). The typical monitor of the day was 800 pixels.

Today this technology is woefully outdated and up against the newer sites, looks quite amateurish. But it would be just too expensive to rewrite this site using 2021 cutting edge technologies.

As long as the site continues to do the basic job it was designed to do, the site is going to remain as is for the time being. I would entertain offers to buy the site if there is anyone out there who wants a great google website page ranking (PR) and search listing placements ... If you want to see those newer technologies, please visit my other websites via InQuest LLC