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I want to thank you for your wonderful site. Through your site I was able to find my siter after 29 years of being without her. I did not even know her name, place of birth or anything else about her. The only thing I knew was the name of our father. With that little bit of information and your site I was able to make an unreachable dream come true for myself. Unfortunately our father passed away some time ago and I never knew him (he walked out on me when I was two). But my sister grew up with him and has been able to answer so many questions that I thought I would never get answered. Any one who has grown up with one or both parents fully understands the "hole" it leaves in your heart. But because of your site my "hole" has been filled above and beyond. Not only do I now have my sister in my life I have been blessed with one niece and two nephews. Thank you so much for helping me in fullfilling my dreams. Sheila thanks (Alabama, USA)

When I was 15, I said goodbye to my very best friend. We went to school together in Kuwait and both her parents and mine had businesses to attend elsewhere so both our families were leaving the country. We stayed in touch for about 8 years but then somehow lost contact. The last time we talked was in 1988, I was in the US, she was in Belgium. I tried so many times to find her in the last 10 years but was never able to. I got married 3 years ago and wanted her to be in my wedding, but again, failed to locate her. My family and I moved to Switzerland last year and I thought if I was to ever find her, this would be the time to do it - she is from Holland. While searching for european white pages on the internet, I came across your site and decided to give it a try. This was about 9 months ago. About a month ago, I got an email from someone who came across my note. He said he went to school in Cairo with 2 brothers with her last name, who had a sister (whose name he couldn't remember) who went to college in Belgium. And he gave me one of the brother's email address that he got from their alumni webpage. I emailed the brother and sure enough, it was the right person!!! My best friend and I talked on the phone for hours that first night I found her. We were just so thrilled to have found each other. Apparently she also had tried to find me several times, including when she got married, but hadn't been successful. She is now living in Holland and we are getting together in Frankfurt next week, half way point for both of us, to try and catch up on 20 years!!! I have since emailed the good samaritan who bothered to let me know that he knew her brother and thanked him profusely for his help. And I want to thank you too for a wonderful idea of a website, and encourage anyone who reads this and who is trying to find a long lost loved one, to try out who-me. As long a shot as it seemed to be to me, it worked beautifully!!! Thanks again!
.... Sabrina (Switzerland)

Gosh! I am so elated. I have been trying to connect with a friend of mine since we lost contact in October 1997. I am a professional bill collector/ skip tracer and have many means available to me to find people. I was not able to find my friend, no matter what I did. I finally found your service on Sept 16, 2000 & posted my message. Two days later, on Sept 18, 2000 I got an email that someone knew where he was. On Sept 19, 2000 we were finally able to connect. I am so happy that I found your website & I think it is great what you guys are doing here. There are so many people & websites that want to charge people & charge a lot at that to help them find their lost loved ones, but not you guys. You are wonderful, Keep up the Good Work
.... Denise (Arizona, USA)

Irene Reunion

Thank you thank you! Yesterday (3/3/2000) I received mail from an internet cafe in Athens saying that they knew my birthmom. They left several contact numbers, which I plucked up the courage to phone today, thinking I would be speaking to someone at the cafe. Well, imagine my shock when I found I was speaking to an Aunt I never knew I had. Picture the emotion! She immediately contacted my birthmom, who came to her house and phoned me. I was shaking, crying, laughing...goosebumps! If that was how I felt, you can imagine how it was for her. It turns out that I, an only child, suddenly have 8 Uncles and Aunts, 22 cousins, 15 nephews and nieces, and a brother and a sister. I feel like I've stumbled into a whole village, and they're all related to me. She now as of today has an extra child, which she thought she'd lost forever, and 2 extra grandchildren. This is so unreal. I feel like I'm watching some kind of a soap opera in my dreams, and will wake up any moment. All I can say is Who? Me? are magnificent, my details were online for 3 years, and it worked! I never really thought it would. Brilliant, guys, you are fantastic, true angels. Keep up the good work, and I mean good in every sense. With immense gratitude
.... Irene Allen (South Africa)

Kathie Reunion

On January 5, 2000, I posted a note on who-me.com. I have been searching for a son I gave up for adoption in 1965, when I was an unwed teenager. Six months later, on July 1, 2000, I was reunited with him, thanks to Who? Me?. He used a search engine, typed in the name I gave him at birth, which his wonderful adoptive mother shared with him, and up came my note. Everything matched! I am so thankful for your service. I had tried other means, but everything was a dead end because of the closed adoption laws in NY state. Thanks to you I have a son, daughter-in-law, and 3 "new" grandchildren. I also want to thank you for the call on my answering machine. By the time I returned home from NY and got the message, my son and I had already met! I will be forever grateful to you! You have a ray of hope for others like me. Keep up the good work. Gratefully your,
.... Kathie (Illinois, USA)

You deserve applause. This is an extreemly important matter to some, and your time and efforts in this regard are heroic!
.... Bob (Indiana, USA)

I have been found, through your service, by my two birth sons!!!! Thank you soooo much for being there!!!! I was located in October and have been reunited with my oldest, Brian, and have plans to reunite with Gordon in December. Your service is wonderful! All I can say is "thank you" over and over again!!!
.... Carol (Georgia, USA)

A very special thanks for your service. Through Who? Me? I have located several classmates and one very dear friend that was my best-friend in high school. We lost touch in 1978 and the week before Thanksgiving she called me, we talked for two hours and have writen several letters. Talking to Linda and some of the other kids I went to school with in Germany has been wonderful. As I sit here reliving Linda's phone call to me I have tears in my eyes. THANK YOU
.... Lynda (Washington, USA)

I had lost track on Mr Wilson, and could not find him, but the town had changed the name of the road he lived on because of changing geography, but I did not know this. So actually he never went anywhere, names were changed but I was unaware of the situation. But now we are re-unitied, and plan to have a reunion sometime soon. Thank you for your site, it has been very helpful in this instance. I still have a few people on there, but when they change their names after marriage, they can be hard to find with very limited knowledge of their current where=a-bouts. Thanks again.
.... Tim (Maryland, USA)

I posted a message in July of 1999 and within 2 weeks I was able to contact the person I was looking for. He was my first love when I was a teenager and I am so excited to say that we had a reunion after over 5 yrs apart and have been tottaly happy ever since. I don't know if I ever would have found him without the use of this service. He had moved out of state and I really had a cold trail but thanks to the internet I was contacted by someone that thought they knew who I was looking for! We are now in the process of planning our lives together and I am so ecstatic that I have him back in my life! Thank you for the service you provide.
.... Marie (Massachusetts, USA)

Dear Who Me, Thanks to you, I have been reunited with my bmom! She lives just 2 two towns away from me. I was contacted by her former roommate from the home she stayed in before having me. The roommate saw my posting on Who Me 2 days after I posted. Thank you so much!.
.... Mary (Massachusetts, USA)

After posting my information for 5 years I have found my brother through your website. He was put up for adoption 31 years ago. We were able to get in conctact with each other and had DNA tests done to confirm that we are brother and sister. Thank you so much for your website.
.... Libby (USA)