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You can place your picture sample picture on the Internet.
  • It can be placed on your note's contact page and might look something like our sample note.
  • It can be placed with our Who? Me? Title at the top of many of our home page. It might look something like the following.
Who Me Title Image
Scan your best mug shot photo as a '.gif' or 'jpg' digital image format and attach the image file to an Email message with 'Photo' in the subject line and complete contact information (name, address, phone) in the message area, tell us whether you want it with your account file for your note's contact page or whether you want it to appear at the top of our home page, or both, then Email it to ... support4 @ who-me.com
The Fine Print - Some Legal Stuff.. Our Policy:
    All received photo images become the property of In/Quest LLC and 'Who? Me?'.
    Any submitted images and disks will not be returned.
    Who? Me? reserves the final right to accept or reject all photo images.
    Only images accompanied by full contact information (Name, Address (surface mail), Phone) will be considered.
    If a photo image is accepted it will be used exclusively for our special programs.
    Individuals submitting photo images affirm having full and legal authorization and ownership of images and accept full responsibility for any images submitted for display on our system.
    Who? Me? reserves the right to alter the size of an image.
    Who? Me? reserves the right to change the posted 'Missing' images from time to time at our own discretion without notice.
If sending in an image on disk for our 'Post Your Picture' program, please include an Email address along with any submitted disk and, if a photo image is accepted, we will send you an Email message, with your Post Your Picture image number, so you and your friends can see it when visiting the 'Who? Me?' home page.

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