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Who? Me? started Internet service November 21 1996. We have been experiencing growing use and notice ever since. We currently enjoy some excellent placement with most of the popular search engines and many of our thousands of uses have been kind enough to place a link on one of their web pages back to us for others to use. At this point we are currently averaging 0 hits a day.

We will accept some banner advertising. If you feel as though you might like to place one of your advertising banner on our site, then please contact us via email .

Banner ads must not exceed 460 x 60 pixels and must not exceed 15K in size. You can expect in excess of 0 impressions per month for your ad.

Tell us where we can view your banner on the web. Or you can just email us the code for your banner ad. If you're banner is accepted, we will place it on a number of our pages.

We charge $200 in advance for 1,000 click throughs.

One of our current sponsor/advertisers is


LOW 3.9 cents/min long distance telephone service (USA Only!)LOW 3.9 cents/min long distance telephone service (USA Only!) Who? Me? Awards and Recognitions Put your ad here