Missing: Call
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1156104
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi
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Missing: Call
Lynze Fay Anderson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1144570
Lynze Fay Anderson
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Subject: ISO 28 year old Son [DOB:Jan 12 1973]

I'm Mary Creed and I am looking for my Son.
We were separated in the past due to an adoption situation
and I really hope to get reconnected.

My Son used to live somewhere in Massachusett, USA
My Son was born Jan 12 1973 (as of Mar 26 2001 - current age = 28)

Here are some details I hope my Son will recognize..
  - Your Hair Color = Brown
  - Approx Birth Date = jan. 12, 1973
  - Hospital/Clinic = beth israel hosp, boston, ma

Some extra information that might help...
adopted through Catholic Charities; adoption took place in
Plymouth County Massachusetts

My personal message to my Son is...
Just want to know that you are all right. If you would like to
be in contact with me let me know.

---- TO CONTACT ------------------------------------------
Do Not Reply to the above email address. To contact this
person you must click on or goto the following web site link.

If you are, or know of my Son, I can be reached at ...
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Who? Me? posting agent from information posted on our site
by Mary Creed.
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