Missing: Call
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1156104
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi
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Missing: Call
Lynze Fay Anderson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1144570
Lynze Fay Anderson
Example of "Capsule" Cross Published Message
Subject: ISO 28 year old Son [DOB:Jan 12 1973]

I'm Mary Creed and I am looking for ....
  Relation: Son  
  Reason::: Looking for a Son from adoption many years ago.
  Name::::: * Name Unknown! *
  DOB:::::: Jan 12 1973 (as of Mar 26 2001 - current age = 28)
  From::::: * City Unknown *, Massachusett, USA
  Adopted through Catholic Charities; adoption took place in
  Plymouth County Massachusetts
I'm Mary Creed and I be reached at ...
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