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A great many Who? Me? users report being contacted by would be helpers. People who profess an interest in helping them reconnect with someone they are looking for through Who? Me? Some report good experiences as you might read about on our testimonials page. Still others report having problems with commerical efforts to get their business and exploiting their vulnerability. Many of our users have turned to us to see if we can offer any advise or guidance on how to respond to these people who offer to help. We can not take any position on this issue ...

1) Because we, in most or just about all cases, have no knowledge about the person or company ...

2) Because we cannot take sides on this. What one person feels is wrong or inappropriate another may feel very grateful for.

In an interest in helping in this area we have created 'The List'. This is a place to check off whether someone was a help (Good Guy) or a hinderance (Bad Guy). This is done primarily by email address.

If a person or company receives 3 "Good" ratings (smileysmileysmiley) then any email they send out to our users (you) will be stared as a "Good Guy".

If a person or company receives 3 "No Good" ratings (un-smileyun-smileyun-smiley) then any email they send out to our users (you) will be stared as a "Bad Guy".

This only works when you feel a compeling reason to rate them, you really like them or really dislike them and they have an email address. If an undesirable or 'Bad Guy' rated person or company uses more than one email address or changes email address often then this program will not work 100% of the time. We are hoping that it will work enough to help.

You might want to call this the Who? Me? 'Better Business Bureau' List.

Finally, this is not a be all and end all solution to this problem. We will be monitoring The List and change it if we feel necessary.

Number Of Currently Rated People/Companies 18
"The List" is not accessable by or viewable by the public. It is only used internally by our system when someone sends out a contact response to a person's posted note.
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