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WebBase macro error in: {f= 3 TempYesterdayHitNbr AdvertRate asInteger / asFloat printRounded:}

** Operation 'reciprocal' not understood: '' (an instance of String) does not understand/respond to the reciprocal operator .**

In file: e:\i\wb\http\who-me\gspecad.htf

;; following starts near line number 288 in your source form...
   Who? Me? has an outstanding <a href="">Google</a><sup>®</sup> page ranking of <b>PR7</b> and 
   is currently averaging <b>{f= 0 DailyAverageNbr formatted:}</b> visiters per day.  If you would like to 
   have your ad seen by our users, we can place your small 100x47 ad on our home page 
   and on 10 back system pages (see below example) for <b>${AdvertRate}</b> per month.</p>

   <p><img src="images/b_squigsignhats.gif" width="76" height="64" border="0" alt="Ad Placement Image" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="right">
   If your ad had been on our site for the last 30 days, <b>{f= 0 1 TempYesterdayHitNbr asInteger * formatted:}</b> users 
   would have seen your ad on our home page alone.  That would calculate out to only <b>${f= 3 TempYesterdayHitNbr AdvertRate asInteger / asFloat printRounded:}</b> 
   cents per person visiting just our home page.  Add in the number of other exposures your ad would have had on 
   the back pages and you will be getting a very good deal.</p>
   <p>Just think.. over the next 30 days your ad could be viewed perhaps 
   <b>{f= 0 1000 Next30DaysUsersNbr - formatted:}-{f= 0 5000 Next30DaysUsersNbr + formatted:}</b> times.  Send us your request today.</p>
expression arguments(7):
 3 (an instance of SmallInteger)
 TempYesterdayHitNbr (undefined variable or unexpected operation)
 AdvertRate is '250' (an instance of String)
 asInteger (operation)
 / (operation)
 asFloat (operation)
 printRounded: (operation)

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