Missing: Call
Francisco Arias - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1136535
Francisco Arias
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Missing: Call
Rhea Immaculate Arul - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1162528
Rhea Immaculate Arul
There is a surprisingly large sum of money in the collective 'on hold' pot waiting for the rightful heir or beneficiary to step forward and claim it. Every state in the USA has an 'Unclaimed Properties' office; thousands of people die each year leaving their estate to someone who can't be found; lots of oil companies and other entities who have royalty income from some revenue producing asset has a 'MNFA (Moved, No Forwarding Address) List' of people who have moved and they don't know to where.

The issue here, with the 'Money' category, is that the people are either very hard to find, they really vanished, or the sum of money is so small that it is not economically practical to hire an investigator.

Who? Me? offers these entities another option to help them get the word out that they have money waiting for people who can verify that they are the rightful recipients of these funds.

The following people or organizations are looking for those noted here because they are missing and those searching are hoping to reconnect.

A short sample list of real notes from our database of 81 MONEY related notes.
Note Amy Angel is looking for Tiffany Lynn Gohlke
Note Barb Smith is looking for Roxanne Lynn (Roxie) Baker
Note Lost My Love is looking for Aye Thu (Myat) Thu
Note Excello Commodities Inc. is looking for Lois Jacobs
Note Heather Burman is looking for Heather Lynn Burman
Note Jebriel Jenkins is looking for Kenneth ? Kenwood
Note Jannine Strachan is looking for Gavin Currie
Note Ven20 is looking for Unknown
Note Wramc is looking for Jesse Jordan
Note Bree Simonson is looking for Lee Moore
Note Ebonie (5150) Doss is looking for Amhed Zanadi
Note Teresa Ruggerio is looking for Mccombs
Note Amy Gotham is looking for Kirk David Andrews
Note Jodee VanStory is looking for Franklin (Kip) Morrison
Note Don Holt is looking for Candace Sue (Candy) Holt
Note Alaska Airlines is looking for Jason Memepan
Note Jason Reed is looking for Mark Pleasi
Note Craft-e Productions is looking for George Herbert Collier
Note Sannae Krich is looking for Unknown
Note Sara Osborne is looking for Laura Elva (Ms.Bowers) Osborne
and 61 more ...







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