Missing: Call
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1153486a
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson
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Missing: Call
Nelly Itzel Montiel - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1141977
Nelly Itzel Montiel
The 'Missing' category is used most often when trying to find a run-a-way, estranged or otherwise missing family member.

Who? Me? offers these people an opportunity to enter what pieces of the puzzle they do remember with the hopes that the right someone will see their note here and contact them.

The following people or organizations are looking for those noted here because they are missing and those searching are hoping to reconnect.

A short sample list of real notes from our database of 3461 MISSING related notes.
Note Patricia (Patsy) Scott is looking for John Knox (Jock) Gwynne-Craig
Note Linda Mackenzie is looking for Randall Anthony (Randy) Aitken
Note Debbie (Avis) Nichols is looking for John W. Avis
Note Mark Monaghan is looking for Corrine Unknown
Note Elizabeth Taylor is looking for Christine /shilo Unknown
Note Mitch Coleman is looking for Unknown
Note Charles (Chuck) Kellogg is looking for Patricia Lynn True
Note Carol Toyama is looking for John Edward Mattson
Note Diane Delgado is looking for Reginald Charles (Chuck) Newlin
Note Cynthia Trainor is looking for William Arthur (Bill) Trainor
Note David Martinez Gomez is looking for Alejandro (Alex) Castillo
Note Taegan (Tae) Alvernaz is looking for Michael David (Mike?) Barnhart
Note Denise Beltz is looking for Ralph Bender
Note Adriana Hollis is looking for Melanie (Melody) Rollins
Note Jessie Franklin is looking for Frankie Joe (Frank or Joe) Franklin
Note Marvin Millwee is looking for Robert Ragel
Note Ann Berge is looking for Unknown
Note Charles (Ken) O'Dell is looking for Charles Kenneth (Ken) O'Dell
Note Bennie Morris is looking for (George) Unknown
Note Ann Brelsford is looking for Vess (Skip) Brelsford
and 3441 more ...







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