Missing: Call
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1153486a
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson
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Reasons For Posting Notes
Missing: Call
Nelly Itzel Montiel - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1141977
Nelly Itzel Montiel
This category of reason for someone looking, really doesn't need an explanation. We all have had friendships at a point in our lives and for a hundred reasons lost contact with each other and wish there was a simple way to get reconnected.

The 'Friend' category here also would include aspects of friendship such as searches for a ..

high school sweetheart
former bunkmate at summer camp
kind stranger
good Samaritan
old army buddy or shipmate
etc. etc.

Instances where a special someone touched your life in the past and you have lost touch with them. You have always thought of them fondly. Now, for any number of good reasons, you would like to find them and get back together.

Just post your note here in our database and when your friend checks for any notes here, they will see your note and call you.

The following people are looking for those noted here because they are missing and those searching are hoping to reconnect.

A short sample list of real notes from our database of 10238 FRIENDSHIP related notes
Note Daniel (Stephen (Steve)) Sayre is looking for Kathleen Cecilia (Kathy) Dougherty
Note Jeff Platt is looking for Karen Whitlow
Note Paulette (Pj) Holcomb is looking for Steve King
Note Earl Langley is looking for Priscilla Ann (Pat) Leonard
Note Robin Robbins is looking for Patrick Williams
Note Richard (Rich) Gallant is looking for Rhonda Elaine Williams
Note Pauline (Mitchell) Pierce is looking for Darrell Jones
Note Joyce Wing is looking for Patricia (Pat) Porter
Note Dexter Strawther is looking for Annis Miller
Note Jason Adamek is looking for Amy Danette Sayre
Note Terri Gurney is looking for James Darby (Jim) Kirkland
Note Scott McFarland is looking for Susan Washington
Note Lynn Taylor is looking for Edward (Ed) Unknown
Note Jason Bearse is looking for Melissa (Jasmine) Unknown
Note John Jolly is looking for Melinda Phillips
Note Elizabeth (Beth) Lunceford is looking for Michael Joseph (S'Talon) Lamb
Note Jerry Hare is looking for Debbie Unknown
Note Wendi Peysar is looking for James (Jimmy) Williams
Note Jean-gabriel Mitterrand is looking for Douglas Baron
Note Randy (Barney) Peden is looking for Jean Lundgren
and 10218 more ...







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