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Create/Update Your Personal CALLING CARD - Note Watch Agent

When you create your personalized agent (your personal profile) here, it will watch for posted notes on our system and it will alert you when someone posts a new note that closely matches your information .. the person might be looking for you.

The information that our system may want in your agent is..
- Your Last Name (Current and up to 5 former last names supported)
- Your Birth Date
- Your Gender
- Whether you have ever been part of an adoption proceeding

Then submit your information. Your agent will become instantly active and vigilant, keeping you informed by email every time someone posts a new note on our system that closely matches your information.

Again, when filling out either of the following forms, you want to describe yourself. If you are trying to find someone and want to, instead, describe the person you are looking for, then you must first register then post a note to them using our note posting form.

Create Your own personalized and private note watch agent If you were ever part of an adoption program (parent, sibling, child, etc.) and want to be informed everytime someone leaves an 'Adoption Reason' note on our system which matches your approximate age and gender, then check off 'Yes' below

Have you ever been involved in an adoption proceeding? Yes:, No: