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OK! Sounds great, but you ask "Why would anyone possibly want to find me?" Well, there are a great number of reasons for someone to be looking for you. We have boiled them down to seven main categories. Every one of our 24,648 notes falls in to one of these 7 categories.
  These 7 categories apply worldwide.
Our site has 10,239 postings where an old lost friend, sweetheart, army buddy, etc. may be trying to find you. You moved, they moved, address changes didn't get through in time and now, neither of you knows where the other is.
Our site has 5,004 postings where someone may be looking for you as a result of a adoption proceeding in the past. If you were ever part of an adoption then perhaps a sibling, bMother, bFather, daughter or son, wants to reconnect with you.
Our site has 3,770 postings where someone may be looking for you for career/job reasons. You have moved to new cities and jobs along the way. One of your old resumes has caught someone's attention or someone connected with you during a previous employment period has a great job they want to tell you about, but they don't know where you have moved to.
Our site has 81 postings where someone wants to find you to give you money. You may be the beneficiary or heir to a sum of money. Either the sum of money involved is relatively small (not enough to hire an investigator) or they just don't know enough to find you by normal means.
Our site has 3,463 postings where a family member may be trying to find you. For some reason in the past you became estranged, you were abducted/kidnapped or you ran away from home. Now your family is trying to find you and reconnect.
Our site has 1,936 postings where a company/association may be trying to locate you. You are an alumnus/alumna of some school, or past member of a society or organization. They would like to find you to tell you about upcoming reunions or some event which might be of some value to you.
Our site has 146 postings where somebody is working on their family's genealogy and hopes that someone (you) might contact them with information (you) might have regarding individuals in their/your common family tree.
Example: You have worked on your own family genealogy and happen to have the information they are seeking. They would like you to contact them with any information you might have on a Samuel Cassell who lived around (vicinity) Baltimore, MD, USA during the years 1830-1880.