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Is Someone looking for you? Who? Me? Yes, you!

Who? Me? handles the two aspects of the people matching process. Tell us about the people you are looking for and tell us about you.

Describe the person you are looking for
Describe Yourself

If you are like the rest of us, as time has gone by, you have lost touch with a friend or a special someone and now, have been wondering where they are these days. Well, you can rest assured that someone out there is thinking the same about you, wondering what's become of you and how you are doing. Someone, an old friend perhaps, right this moment, is thinking that they would like to get back in touch with you. Maybe they have looked through available telephone books and perhaps other resouces, with no luck. Well, what ever their reason, finding you just does not warrant hiring a private investigator and spending large sums of money to find you or they are very interested in finding you for some good common reason, but despite all efforts have come up empty handed.

They need a resource that can help them, a resource that may be in expensive and/or give them hope after coming up empty handed using other resources.

Enter In/Quest's Who? Me? "Reverse People Finder" Internet connection forum. Most traditional people finding sites, work along the lines where you, as the person doing the looking, search for the person's name in a database somewhere, find it, get their current address and phone number and then you call them. A "Reverse People Finder" site works in reverse. You post details on the person you are looking for, they see the posting and then they call you.

Who? Me? places at an individual's ready use a custom designed Internet site backed by a very sophisticated database, where a user may post notes to those people he/she may be trying to find and get reconnected. Think of it as a community (worldwide community) bulletin board where you can tack up notes to old friends, missing or estranged family members and many others, with whom you have lost touch.

'Joe, where are you? If you see this note, call me!'

Who? Me? supports note postings for a number of reasons.

Now, if we know something about you and something about the person you are looking for, then our system can better make a match. So here on Who? Me?, you the user, may .. 1) Describe the person you are looking for .. we call this 'Posting A Note', and/or 2) Describe yourself .. we call this creating a 'Calling Card - Note Watch Agent'. We suggest that, if you are looking for someone, you do both. If you are not looking for someone, then you should at least describe yourself just in case an old friend of yours is looking for you.

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