Missing: Call
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1156104
Khaled Abdelnaser Alqadumi
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Missing: Call
Lynze Fay Anderson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1144570
Lynze Fay Anderson

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Is Someone looking for you?
Who? Me?
Yes, you!
If you are like the rest of us, as time has gone by, you have lost touch with a friend or a special someone and now, are wondering where they are these days. Well, you can rest assured that someone out there is thinking the same, wondering what's become of you. Thinking that they would like to get back in touch with you. Maybe they have looked through available telephone phone book resources, with no luck. The next step, hiring a private investigator, well...

  • They just can't afford to hire a private investigator,
  • It just isn't practical to hire a private investigator
  • The interest level just isn't pressing or compelling enough to hire a private investigator.

Well if it was both relatively free and simple they would definitely take action to find you, or at least in this instance, take action to have you find them.

Enter the Who? Me? Internet connection forum. Who? Me? places at an individual's ready disposal a very sophisticated database to leave notes to those you are trying to find and get connected. Think of it as a community bulletin board where you can tack up notes.....

'Joe, where are you? If you see this note, call me!'
Only with this system, Who? Me? have developed the software to offer far greater potential than this simple example.

Now, if we know something about the person you are looking for and something about you then our system can better make a match. So here on Who? Me?, you the user, may .. 1) Describe the person you are looking for .. we call this 'Posting A Note', and/or 2) Describe yourself .. we call this creating a 'Calling Card - Note Watch Agent'. We suggest that, if you are looking for someone, you do both. If you are not looking for someone, then you should at least describe yourself just in case an old friend of yours is looking for you.
[ Describe the person ] you are looking for! [ Describe yourself ].

OK! Sounds great, but you ask "Why would anyone possibly want to find me?" Well, there are a great number of reasons for someone to be looking for you. We have boiled them down to seven main categories.
These 7 categories
apply world wide.
You were/are an old friend, old army buddy, old sweetheart, etc. who they lost contact with. You moved, they moved, address changes didn't get through in time and now, neither of you knows where the other is. This is the default category. If the others don't fit then use this one.
You were part of an adoption program years ago. One of your siblings, mother, father, daughter(s), son(s), etc. want to find you to get reconnected.
You have moved to new cities and jobs along the way. Someone connected with you during a previous employment period has a great job they want to tell you about, but they don't know where you have moved to.
Someone wants to find you to give you money. You are the beneficiary or heir to a sum of money. Either the sum of money involved is relatively small (not enough to hire an investigator) or they just don't know enough to track you by normal means.
Similar to Friends above, this category deals with possibly family members who may be estranged or run away, or relatives who might be suffering from cases of amnesia or forms of fragmented memory. An example might be a child kidnapped years ago, now is an adult and would like to find you, but is only able to remember small fragments of information. Another example by be that you conceived a child 25 years ago on a one night stand. Now that child is trying to connect with you based on bits of information her mother could remember.
You are an alumnus/alumna of some school, or past member of a society or organization. They would like to find you to tell you about something which is of some value to you.
Somebody is working on their family's genealogy and hopes that someone (you) might contact them with information (you) might have regarding individuals in their family tree.
Example: You have worked on your own family genealogy and happen to have the information they are seeking. They would like you to contact them with any information you might have on a Samuel Cassell who lived around (vicinity) Baltimore, MD, USA during the years 1830-1880.

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This forum has two (2) sides.
Side 1 - Side 2 -
See if someone has left a note for you
offers an individual the option to freely search the database for any notes which might have been posted with his/her name or notes with facts (age, gender, keywords, etc.) which might refer to them where the name is unknown.
Leave notes to people you are looking for
offers an individual or organization (group) the opportunity to post notes to anyone they desire.

Step 1.  Register and tell us how to reach you.
Step 2.  Create a message/note to someone.
         a) Reason you are looking
         b) Information on who you are looking for.
         c) How they can contact you.
         d) A special message from you to them 
            (View Last 25 messages)
Some of these options may include a small fee.
View Sample Note and Contact Information Page

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