An error occurred processing your request

Merging data into macro form: e:\i\wb\http\who-me\gawards.htf

WebBase macro error in: {forRow aReason on reasonCount}

**Variable or database Field 'reasonCount' does not exist. Remember, variable names, database field names and operators are CASE SENSITIVE. (EwFe02.120@Windows NT 4.0)**

In file: e:\i\wb\http\who-me\gawards.htf

;; following starts near line number 34 in your source form...
{sql to reasonCount source 'InQuestAccess' user SysVarUser password SysVarPass}
 SELECT tbl_WM_NOTES.Reason, Count(tbl_WM_NOTES.Reason) AS CountOfReason
 GROUP BY tbl_WM_NOTES.Reason;
{set NoteCounter 0}
{forRow aReason on reasonCount}
{set NoteCounter NoteCounter CountOfReason +}
{case Reason}
{match 'Adoption'}{set Rez_Adoption CountOfReason}
{match 'Career'}{set Rez_Career CountOfReason}
{match 'Group'}{set Rez_Group CountOfReason}
{match 'Missing'}{set Rez_Missing CountOfReason}
{match 'Money'}{set Rez_Money CountOfReason}
{set NoteCounterNbr NoteCounter asNumber}
{set NoteCounterStr '00,000' NoteCounter asString format:}

{set %output% true}
{if 'Y' SysUseMissKidPhoto =}
 {insert 'iShowKidPicture.hti'}