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Reason: CAREER (Want to hear about a job or career situation?) Viewed: 6 times
This note is for: William (Bill) Smythe Gender: Male
Last known City: Baltimore Age (born 1933?): ~57 (approximate)
Last known State/Prov.: MD Family Relationship:
Last known Country: USA Unique ID Number:
Profession/Job Accountant Company Humphrey & Higgons
School Lafayette College Hair: Blond
Height: 71 inches Date Note Posted: Aug 09 1996
Extra Information:
Used to play rugby on Saturdays
In this example, this note is meant for a person by the name of William Smythe (nick name 'Bill). The Bill Smythe who this note is meant for, is a male about 71 inches tall, has/had blond hair, at one point was an accountant, had something to do with Lafayette College and had some relationship to a company by the name of Humphrey & Higgons.

If all these factors are accurate for you, then more than likely this note is meant for you.

On the otherhand, if your name is Bill Smythe but have always had black hair, were born in 1955 and don't know the first thing about accounting, then this note is not meant for you.