Missing: Call
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1153486a
J'Shon Ja'ir Johnson
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Missing: Call
Nelly Itzel Montiel - Case Type: Family Abduction / Nbr:NCMC1141977
Nelly Itzel Montiel








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General Minimum Age Limit: 15 years old. (No notes may be posted to anyone younger than 15)
The "Adoption" category handles all instances where someone is searching for family members from an adoption proceeding in the past.
  • Daughter or son searching for a bMother, bFather
  • bMother searching for a daughter or son
  • Siblings searching for other siblings
  • etc. etc.
  • Indicating that this is an adoption related note will have a dramatic impact on the person you are trying to find.
    Adoption Minimum Age Limit: 17 years old. (You must be older than 17 to post adoption notes)

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    How many of us have been laid off in the past 30 or more years. How many have sent out resumes and filled out job applications then moved. Those resumes and job applications can resurface from time to time and an employer or personnel agency would like to find you now to tell you about a great job opportunity.

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    The "Friend" category, probably doesn't need an explanation. We all have had friendships at a point in our lives where for a hundred reasons, we lost contact with each other and wish there was a simple way to get reconnected. This category would include any instance where the person you are looking for would likely recognize your name and you are not related to the person. This would cover cases like high school sweethart, old army buddy, old shipmate, etc. It might also include aspects of friendship such as searches for a kind stranger or good Samaritan where someone touched your life in the past for a moment through a special act of kindness and now, you are very interested in reconnecting with them to say a special heartfelt thank you.

    Just place your note here in our database and when your friend checks for any notes here they will see your note and call you.

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    Who? Me? recognizes that there are a great many people working on reconstructing their family tree. The efforts to reconstruct a family tree frequently turns up gaps in a family tree's information. Who? Me? offers another possible information gathering prospect here.

    Someone can post a note hoping to find genealogical information for the individual who is on this note. Anyone reading through these notes, recognizing the name and seeing 'Genealogy' as the reason, might be able to offer some help filling in some of the missing information on a common ancestor for the person who is working on their family tree genealogy.
    Geneaolgy Minimum Year Limit: 90 years ago. (Searched for person must have been born more than 90 years ago.)

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    (Includes: Schools, Organizations, Associations, Companies, Institutions, Clubs, etc..)
    This category tends to be a catch all for all organizational like entities that someone might have had some association with, belonged to or were employed by at one time. For some mutually beneficial reason, the organization/association/school/league/etc., would like to get back in touch. They are hoping that, the person with whom they want to talk with, will see their posted note here and call them. The typical use for this category is for schools to locate alumni for class reunions and for public stock companies to locate missing stockholders for voting.

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    There is a surprisingly large sum of money in the collective 'on hold' pot waiting for the rightful heir or beneficiary to step forward and claim it. Many governmental agencies have an 'Unclaimed Properties' office; thousands of people die each year leaving their estate to someone who can't be found; lots of oil companies and other entities who have royalty income from some revenue producing asset has a 'MNFA (Moved, No Forwarding Address) List' of people who have moved and they don't know to where.

    The issue here, with the 'Money' category, is that the people are either very hard to find, they really vanished, or value of the item (money, jewelry, keepsake, etc.) is so small that it is not economically practical to hire an investigator.

    Who? Me? offers these entities another option to help them get the word out that they have money waiting for people who can verify that they are the rightful recipients.

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    An unfortunate side of life is the estrangement of family, with run-aways, family abductions, forms of amnesia, regional conflicts/wars, and other instances where a member of the family becomes missing... taking, in cases, many years before they can find each other and get reunioned.

    Who? Me? offers these people an opportunity to post notes to family they are missing with the hope that the right someone will see their note here and contact them.

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