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Is someone looking for you? (old friend perhaps) Who? Me? - Reverse People Finder.  Is someone looking for you?
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Who? Me? is a Reverse People Finder website. A site where someone may be trying to find you. Is someone, somewhere, looking for you? Could an old, lost or missing friend be trying to find you? Is a bMother, sibling or bChild, from an adoption in the past, looking for you? Is an old army buddy, or high school sweetheart trying to locate where you have moved to these days? Is your alma mater looking for you for a class reunion? If you are at all curious as to who could be looking for you and whether one or more of them may have posted a note to you here on our system, then enter some details on yourself and click 'Basic Search' just below. If you want to do a more complete search of our complete database of more than 24,000 posted notes, you can choose our "Search Wizard" or our "Power Search" forms. Searching is entirely free.

Currently we service 7 major reason categories why someone may be looking for you. Just below here you can find each reason category (along with the current number of postings). They are...
FRIEND (10239)
Some old sweetheart, old pal, former shipmate, or a host of other type friends who knew you long ago may be trying to find you to get back in touch.

You were adopted years ago. Now maybe a bMother or siblings are trying to locate you and get back in touch. Maybe you gave up a child for adoption in the past. Now the child is an adult and is looking for you.

GROUP (1936)
You might have been part of some large group (navy ship, high school, college, Elks club, etc.) Someone may be trying to locate you to organize a reunion or something similar.

You worked somewhere in the past or submitted a resume somewhere in the past and now someone would like to get back in touch with you to discuss a job situation with you or update resume information.

You may have information on people in your genealogical family tree that may be of use to a distant cousin who is doing research on their tree. They would hope that you see this message and contact with any information you may be able to share on a specific common ancestor.

You might have been abducted from home years ago and now would like to return if only you knew how or where. Someone may be trying to find you to ask you to come home.

MONEY (81)
A distant relative may have passed away and left you something of value in their will. Someone may be trying to find you now to give you this (money, jewels, land, etc.). Maybe you own property and someone is trying get in touch to pay your interest or dividends on that property.

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