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In the instance where a "Basic" last name/gender search didn't produce the results you were hoping for (e.g. not enough hits, too many hits, etc.) then you can use this form to precisely search our notes database. This search form uses an "Exclusive" or "Restrictive" search technique. "Exclusive" means that the more information you search on the less notes you will find. All the information has to be in a note for it to be a match. Suggest starting off searching on one or two fields then increase it if you are getting to many results.

You may pick up some help on how to do a search and any special considerations you might like to be aware of. Any or All of the search fields are optional. Click on any of the specific information button or specific information button buttons below to get specific information.

ALSO you can use our "Search Wizard" Click here to go to the search wizard form form to search our database using an "Inclusive" search technique. "Inclusive" means that the more criteria you search on the more results you get back. It is highly recommended that you use our Seach Wizard search form before you leave.

ANY or ALL of the following fields are OPTIONAL. (use Birth Day/Month together)
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If you want to see who is having a birthday today (somewhere), click on this birthday image or enter today's day and month just to the left in the "Day" and "Month" fields. Then, leaving ALL other fields empty, click on "Perform Search".
Another good basic search is based on your gender and cities/towns you've lived in. Select your gender in the gender field to left and, using the "Cities You've Lived In" field to left, enter the names of up to 6 towns/cities where you have lived, separated by a semicolon (;). Then "Perform Search"
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