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Looking For (Full Name): Richard Allen (Rip) Wagner Gender: Male
Last known City: Burbank Birth Year: 1941 (approximate age ~77)
Last known State/Prov.: CA Family Relationship:
Last known Country: USA US Social Security #:
Relative Name Gertrude DeLarco Eye Color: Blue
Grad H.S./Year Bloomfield Tech Hair Color: Blond
Approx Birth Date September 20, 1941 Date Note Posted: Oct 04 2005
Extra Information:
You sang with The Plurals and The Bachelors. You managed
the record dept at Korvettes. You lived in Newark NJ &
later in E.O. NJ. Moved to CA in the 60's and were A&R
man for a recording co. You & my sister called each other
Goofy. You were born in Cook Co Hospital, Illinois.