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Reason: FRIEND (An old friend, buddy, sweetheart may be looking for you.) Viewed: 4839 times  
Looking For (Full Name): Michael Joseph (S'Talon) Lamb Gender: Male
Last known City: St. Louis Birth Date: Apr 21 1968 (50 years old)
Last known State/Prov.: MO Family Relationship:
Last known Country: USA US Social Security #: xxx-xx-7942
Hobby/Interest BBSing Eye Color:
Special Word Fire Escape Hair Color: Brown
Profession/Job Hacker Date Note Posted: Jan 11 2009
Extra Information:
We were best friends between 1984 and 1988. We used to watch
Blake's 7 together. You introduced me to BBSing. You used
the handles S'Talon and later Talthanas. I went by Fire Escape.