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Welcome to the Who? Me? Search Wizard. Who? Me? is a Reverse People Finder. This means that, instead of you trying to find someone, someone is trying to find you. We currently have 24,643 posted notes on our system where someone may be looking for you.

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For example.. we currently have 10,239 postings where someone is trying to locate an old friend, former sweetheart, army buddy, etc. with whom they have lost touch. We have 5,001 postings where someone is trying to locate a bParent, bChild or sibling from an adoption years ago. We have 1,936 postings where your alma mater (high school, college, etc.) may be looking for you for an upcoming class reunion.

With our very large database of posted notes, finding a specific note can be a challenge. This search wizard has been provided to aid you in your search.

Our wizard will interview you, asking you about yourself. Then, based on the information you provide, our wizard will go out to the database and retrieve the appropriate postings that closely match your information.

Now .. enter information on yourself, completing as many of the fields as possible, making sure to include REQUIRED (Required Information) information. Then run a "Perform Search" on our database to see if there are any posted notes in our system, meant for you.

Required Information  Your Last Name(s):
  Enter ALL the Last Names you have been known by over the years. Separate with a semicolon and a space "; ". (Example: Smith; Jones; Miller; DeYoung)
Required Information  Your First/Nick Name(s):
  Enter ALL the First Names, Nick Names and Pet Names you have used with the above last names. Separate with a semicolon and a space "; ". (Example: Elizabeth; Beth; EJ; Liz; Boots)
Required Information  Your Birth Date:
:Month    :Day    :Year   Enter your complete date of birth.
(Example: August 15 1961)
Required Information  Your Gender:
Male:      Female:
 Your Social Security Number - Last 4 digits (US Only!):
- -   Numbers Only! (e.g. [xxx]-[xx]-[1234])
 Your Birth Certificate Number:
  Letters/Numbers Only! (e.g. 12345B)
 Your Military or Any Other Unique ID Number:
  Letters/Numbers Only! (e.g. RA12345)
 Your Old Email Address(s):
  Enter ALL the old email addresses you have had over the years. Separate with a semicolon and a space "; ". (Example:;;
 Cities/Towns You Have Lived In:
Enter from 1 to 6 cities and/or towns where you have lived in the past. (Spelling/punctuation counts, capitalization does not). Include your Last Name while living in that city/town. If ANY of the last name fields below are left empty then the last name from above will be used (if more than one last name is listed above, then only the 1st last name in the list will be used). (Example: if you have always had just one last name of 'Smith' and you lived in 4 different cities, then put 'Smith' in the last name field above and just enter the names of the cities below.) If you have had more than one last name living in the same city, then enter each here... (Example: City #1: Northport/Jones, City #2: Northport/Smith)
  City Name Your Last Name In City/Town
City #1: Required Information
City #2:
City #3:
City #4:
City #5:
City #6:
 Schools you have graduated from:
Enter from 0 to 5 schools (high schools, colleges, grad school, trade schools, etc.) from which you have graduated. Spelling/punctuation does count, capitalization does not. Include your last name at graduation. If your school's name can be spelled several ways, you might try entering just the main part of the name. If any of the last name fields below are left empty then the last name from above will be used (if more than one last name is listed above, then first name in the list will be used).
  School Name Your Last Name At Graduation
School #1:
School #2:
School #3:
School #4:
School #5:

If you have never been involved with an adoption (e.g. been adopted, given someone up for adoption) then disregard this part.
If at some point in your life, you have been involved in an adoption (bParent, Child, Sibling)? If you have been then check off Yes here ..
 reg arrow   <- YES
 reg arrow   <- NO
Or .. find adoption related postings by searching on the following...
 Names of Hospitals, Clinics, Homes, Agencies and Adoption Services:
  Enter all the names of adoption facilitating organizations where you may have had some association in the past. Separate with a semicolon and a space "; "
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This wizard form operates on the "Inclusive" basis. By, "Inclusive" we mean that the more information you enter in the above form, the more notes you are likely to find in our database. Consequently the above search wizard should do a pretty good job of finding any notes in the system that may have been posted here for you. But, it may not find all. So, as a further option, you can click on the Power Search word just the right here to conduct more specific "Exclusive" search. The Power Search form uses the "Exclusive" method. Using the "Power Search" form, the more information you enter, the more restrictive (exclusive) the search, the less notes you will find in our database.