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In order to place (post) any notes on this system you must first tell us who you are. This is accomplished when you register. The act of registering is quite easily accomplished and is totally FREE. You may establish any number of accounts. Each account can be for a different identity (your wife, brother, father, etc.). The only requirement that we have it that your contact information be valid and appropriate for a general purpose public forum. The process of registration is our attempt to both a) to enhance your experience when entering/posting notes to people you are looking for and b) provide an acceptable level of quality control on the information that you enter on our system.

The public will only be able to see that part of your account/registration information which you choose to place on the notes posted to this system. Your account registration record IS NOT available to and IS NOT searchable by the public.

Once you have registered with our system you may place as many notes on this system as you wish to FREE OF CHARGE. If you are at all curious about potential advantages of paying for posted notes here on our system or what any potential charges may be then you should check our pricing information.

All group entities (companies, associations, colleges, etc.) wishing to place large lists of their missing people (missing stockholders, members, alumni) with our system should contact us for instructions.

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Some or all of your registration information, you decide which, will be used for your contact information displayed on the notes that you post here. You should (must) recognize that this is a public form and that anyone can view these notes and look at your note's contact information. You, therefore, should use your own good judgement and discretion when choosing what information you post with a note and how you want the person to contact you. The minimum information required on all note's is your full name and your country. To help cut down on spam email and to aid in security, your email address is kept private. The Who? Me? user does not see your email address at any time.

Again, your account record, itself, is NOT searchable by anyone using the system. It can not be viewed by anyone outside of select Who? Me? personnel.

There are a few simple, straight forward, steps to using this system successfully....
  • Step 1: Complete the registration form
  • Step 2: Confirm/Save your registration information
  • Step 3: Post notes to as many people as you may like to. When posting notes, you may select which of your main account contact information items you want displayed on the note. You may choose only to have your name and city displayed, or your name and day phone number, etc. You decide which. There is no facility provided in the posting of notes for you to offer different contact information other than what is on your registration form.
  • Step 4: When you are done, but before you leave, you should take a moment and create your own personalize Calling Card - Note Watch Agent (just in case an old friend is looking for you).
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Some Fine Print
Guests (you) are solely responsible for the maintenance of their account and note information. Who? Me? staff will not respond to email requests to modify or delete guest accounts or notes. Guest accounts and their associated notes will not be held on Who? Me? without a valid email address. If you change your email address, you have 90 days to update your information here. Any guest account with an invalid email address and with paid for extended period notes, will be contacted by phone or surface mail to revalidate their email address. Accounts with invalid email addresses over 90 days may be deleted.

In/Quest (Who? Me?) staff reserves the right to remove any accounts
or notes from this system without explanation or notice.

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